Monday, October 19, 2009


Austin and I were fortunate enough to take a weekend off [sort of] and drive to UTAH
It was so much fun driving with my Sweetheart! 
We talked, laughed, sang to our favorite songs, talked some more, stopped at the Grand Canyon, and even worked on some homework.
Life with Austin is always so exciting!
He is constantly making me laugh with his jokes! I love being with him!

We arrived early Friday morning… 3:00 am to be exact, and stayed at my Grandparent’s home in Bountiful! Later that morning we headed down to Provo to visit my old stompin’ grounds at BYU!! I showed Austin all around campus and we met up with some of my friends and old roommates.It was great to be back there again for a visit!

That night was Austin’s mission reunion at the beautiful Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City. Austin served in the Singapore Mission and loved every second of it. There he learned Malai; and also picked up on bits of Chinese, Mandarin, Iban, Tagalog! That night was so fun and I was excited to meet his mission president and all of his old companions. They all had such wonderful and interesting stories to tell!

The rest of the weekend was so amazing and uplifting. It was General Conference and we were fortunate enough to watch the sessions with part of my dad’s family, my parents, and my sister and her husband! General Conference is always so inspiring and Austin and I really enjoyed watching it together for the first time!

[Please ignore my tired look... but do look at how HANDSOME Austin is!]