Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Graduate♥

Last night was quite the event!
Austin and I had the privilege of going to with my entire family to see our cute little sister graduate!
The graduation was at ASU's Wells Fargo Arena; and there were a ton of people!

Let me begin by bragging about my little sister for a minute...
Kelly has always been so outgoing. She has always had a gift for bringing the wild side out of people! =]
She is a friend to all and knows how to make everyone feel special.
Desert Ridge High School picks a speaker each year to give the final speech at graduation. This individual is well-known throughout the school as being spirited, caring, outgoing, service-oriented, and prideful for Desert Ridge.
This year, that speaker chosen was our very own Kelly Wray!

[She did AMAZING! The crowd cheered her on and she definitely kept their attention!]

[Look how natural she is up there!]

We had a blast cheering her on the whole time. She was the last to receive her diploma and as she did, she danced all across the stage! I couldn't get a good picture of that one.

It was amazing having my entire family there!

The graduate!

[She is so loved.]

Kelly and two of her best friends!

The night was just wonderful! We are so proud of Kelly and cannot wait to see how much she will accomplish in the future.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Random Thoughts and Love

So semester classes are finally over!!! Now that finals are done we get a much needed two week break until summer school starts on June 1st. Well, Austin does not really get a break because he is going to be studying hard core for the PCAT that he takes June 19th! I will be there to help with practice tests and for all the support he needs.

This last weekend I had the privilege of sitting in on one of Austin's chemistry final study groups. 
Looks exciting, doesn't it??

So these next few weeks will be all about relaxing, cooking, cleaning, and spending more time with each other and with family. I really enjoy the relaxing part, due to the fact that I always feel exhausted. Austin has been so amazing through this whole pregnancy so far and it truly helps. He takes care of whatever I need, including my cravings.

Yesterday, I was craving salad. So he took me to Souper Salad! Yummmm.
[Look how cute he is. I had fun taking pictures!]

Not only do I have cravings with my pregnancy, but I have foods and places that my tummy just cannot tolerate...

1. Chocolate. I used to love chocolate. I have had it a couple of times since being pregnant, but I don't enjoy it like I used to. I stay away.
2. Ice Cream. Again, I once enjoyed it. Now I avoid it. Not a bad thing though!
3. Dairy Products. I have always had lactose intolerance, but could still manage to deal with the after-effects of eating dairy. Now, my intolerance has quadrupled, but I do get away with my lactaid milk!
4. Pizza. I never had pizza very often before I got pregnant. Now I do not count it as an option.
5. Taco Bell. I have never really liked the place, but now I cannot even go near it! That smell...
6. McDonalds. The only thing I would ever eat there were the spicy sandwiches. Now it is the same as Taco Bell. I do not even want to look at it.

As you can see, these are all junk foods. I have never been a huge lover of most of these, but now I am very anti-all of these! AND I LOVE IT! Most of the time, I crave fresh, good foods and I couldn't be any more happy!

I hope all of the school goers out there are enjoying this break! Have a wonderful weekend!

[This is Austin with his serious look.]

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday with my Hubby

Whoever said Arizona isn't beautiful???
I beg to differ.

Today my sweet husband and I went to the Riparian Reserve.
Austin had a class extra credit assignment and I had fun taking pictures and enjoying the magnificent desert surrounding me. The weather was so wonderful today. We had a blast!

This is what we saw along the trail. Gorgeous, don't you think?

My sweet husband and I had a wonderful adventure! It was also nice to just have some alone time with him since we are super busy all week long!

Look at my handsome man! I made him pose. :]

That was our adventure today! It has been a great weekend so far.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!