Monday, March 26, 2012

Week Two!

Time sure is flying by!
Miss Paisley is already two weeks old.
Then again, it feels as though she has been here with us for much longer than that!

<> Paisley absolutely loathes sleeping in her bassinet. She either wants to sleep in someone's arms or on Mom and Dad's bed!
<> She grabs onto whatever comes close to her hands [necklaces, hair, earrings, clothes, etc.].
<> She had her first bath! It did consist of her crying the entire time; but she is so over that now. :] Each bath after that has been wonderful! We just know that she loves the water.
<> Just like her big brother, she smiles all the time. This usually happens while she is sleeping.
<> Paisley sure is smart. She will not take a pacifier when she is hungry. There is no fooling her!
<> She is strong. Lifting up her own head is a continued practice for her and she will have it down pat in no time!
<> Her eyes are a beautiful dark blue [for now].
<> She immediately calms down when you bring her close to your face and talk quietly to her. She loves knowing someone is there.
<> Our kids must have a 'diaper-changing' agreement going on. Almost every time Mommy changes Paisley, the urge to go bathroom happens [exactly the same as Ryker]. And most often, this 'urge' ends up on Mom. However, Daddy has not been messed with once during the diaper changes of both of our children. We will get to the bottom of this... :]

Well, there you have it!
Our beautiful princess is growing up right before our eyes, and we are just trying to soak as much of it in as we can!
Because before we know it, two weeks will turn into sixteen months and we will have to look back to remember what they were like at that age...

Life moves by fast; especially when you are going nonstop.
And Austin and I love that there is never a dull moment in our small household.
We sure are grateful to have children who keep us going!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

One Week

Apologies are in order for our disappearance. However, there will be more on that later. 
Because first of all, we would love to announce the arrival of our sweet baby Paisley.

Paisley came to us on March 11, 2012 at 9:51am.
7 pounds 5 ounces
20 inches long

We will write a birth story, but for now we would like to write about our precious girl's first week of life!

<> Paisley is a very big eater. She came out sucking on her fist! We had to limit her at first so her body wouldn't project all the food back up!
<> Because of her large appetite, she did not lose any of her birth weight. Most babies go down about a pound. Not Paisley. She was already heavier than her birth weight at her three day appointment, so her pediatrician said that we could go ahead and skip the two week appointment! Goodness!
<> When lying on her stomach, she likes to lift her head and look at whoever is holding her. So precious!
<> She starting smiling at five days old.
<> Paisley is already a little princess. There is no putting her down, because she loves, loves, loves to be snuggled. We have absolutely no problem with this!
<> She has gone up to five-and-a-half ours of sleep at night!
<> She already recognizes voices, and especially loves her Dada's deep singing voice. It puts her to sleep every time.
<> She is very attentive and follows the voice of whoever is talking to her.
<> As most babies, she loves looking at lights!
<> Paisley snores in her sleep... Just like her Dad and big brother!
<> She is the world's biggest snorter [when awake]. She is always snorting!
<> She is one lucky lady to have such a loving brother. Ryker continually gives her hugs and kisses. He also tries to help with everything [giving her a pacifier, feeding her, throwing diapers at her when she needs a change, taking her socks off for her, even trying to help wipe her cute bottom during changes, etc.]. 
They are too cute together! We are so happy that they have each other.

We are so blessed to have this sweet, little spirit in our home who is so perfect in every way.
It is a miracle to think that only sixteen months ago, we were writing about Ryker's first week.
We are too lucky!

Happy One Week Sweet Paisley!!!