Monday, November 15, 2010

One Week

Little Ryker has made so much progress this last week!
He believes that he is much older than his age and this just cracks us up! 

For example:

<> He is already drinking a couple more ounces of milk than a newborn normally does.
<> He can almost roll to his side when laying on his back. Give him a couple more days and he will have it!

<> He lifts his own head and looks around when laying on his tummy. This is definitely early!
<> He started smiling when he was just four days old.

<> He loves standing and holding up his own body weight when we lift him up!
<> He can go up to five hours of sleep at night.

<> He follows your face when you move side-to-side while talking to him.
<> He recognizes Mommy and Daddy's voices and turns to look at us when we talk!

<> He lost his umbilical cord at seven days!
<> He has strong hands and clutches onto anything that comes their way.

<> He snores in his sleep... just like Daddy!
<> He is so strong that he can wiggle out of his tight blanket that we wrap around him at night. AND he manages to get it completely over his head. Very scary.

<> He knows when he does funny things. Example: During a diaper change, he decided to squirt Mommy with some poop and then smile real big afterwards. This made Daddy laugh really hard.]
<> He would rather sleep in a big person's bed than his own. He is constantly on Mommy and Daddy's bed.

[Our favorite picture... ever!]

We love this man so very much and we cherish every second that we get to be with him.
Happy one week little guy!!!


Ashlee G. said...

I would love to take some {free} newborn pictures of him!

:Brew Crew: said...

I cant believe how perfect he is! He's just the cutest! Congrats again!

Greg and Nat said...

I hadn't seen some of those pictures... how adorable and awesome is my nephew!!!!!!!! :)
those last couple pictures... REALLY BLONDE?!