Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Celebrate... Or Not to Celebrate...?

Do any of you know who this man is??


It is Dave Elkins; the lead singer of Mae.
Austin and I celebrated our One Year Anniversary by going and watching them play!

Just before the concert, we went and grabbed a bite to eat:

Then we headed to watch and sing along to this:

They put on a fantastic show!
It is Austin's all-time favorite band and he just loved every single minute of it.

However... all we could talk about, think about, and cry about [me being the crier] was our little guy back at home.
We could not stand being away from our sweet boy!
Major separation anxieties were occurring; making us wish we had just celebrated our anniversary at home.
We will never do that again.

[Even if he was completely out of it the entire time.]

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