Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Third Trimester!

28 Weeks!!!

Compared to...

24 Weeks

At the beginning of this week, I entered the third trimester!
I am finally in the "home stretch."

Everything is going so well, and we are super grateful to have such a smooth pregnancy!
The only difference I feel in this last month is more movement from our little boy.
He is constantly kicking, flipping, hitting, and moving in every direction!
And the time when he is most active is... at night!
We wonder if this means he is going to be wide awake every night, all night, after he is born?! :]

Besides our boy growing healthy and strong, I personally haven't felt any different since week 24.
Everything is going wonderfully and we just hope this last trimester flies by!

We love our baby boy so much already!
My sweet husband loves talking to my belly; which is the cutest thing ever!
Our cute guy goes crazy when he is talked to!

We cannot wait until November!!!♥

Friday, August 20, 2010

Best Girlfriends Ever!

So I, Kaitie, have a great group of girlfriends from high school!
We call ourselves the "KO."
This last Monday, some of these girls threw a little baby shower for me before they have to head off to school for the Fall!

I am such a lucky girl!
I got amazing homemade blankets, adorable baby clothes, and much appreciated money to buy baby necessities!

Here are some of my cute girls whom I have grown to love throughout the years!
[Jade, Heather, Me, Kelsey, Kaylie, Kayleen]

Thank you so much girls!
I am forever grateful.♥

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're Back!!!

Austin and I were full-time students during the summer months...
So this is where we have been for the past little while!
But I am happy to say that we both successfully completed our summer classes and have been enjoying a break.

We were super spoiled to be able to go on a trip with my family to San Diego!!!
We spent a fun-filled day at Sea World and a very relaxing day at the beach.

Sea World!

[All dry...]

[Still dry...]

[Soaking wet from head to toe!]

[Can you see us...? We were on the big screen!]

[Beautiful fireworks to end the night.]

Beach Time!
[Less pictures]

We had the most amazing time! It was so great to get away and finally have a relaxing weekend!