Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Third Trimester!

28 Weeks!!!

Compared to...

24 Weeks

At the beginning of this week, I entered the third trimester!
I am finally in the "home stretch."

Everything is going so well, and we are super grateful to have such a smooth pregnancy!
The only difference I feel in this last month is more movement from our little boy.
He is constantly kicking, flipping, hitting, and moving in every direction!
And the time when he is most active is... at night!
We wonder if this means he is going to be wide awake every night, all night, after he is born?! :]

Besides our boy growing healthy and strong, I personally haven't felt any different since week 24.
Everything is going wonderfully and we just hope this last trimester flies by!

We love our baby boy so much already!
My sweet husband loves talking to my belly; which is the cutest thing ever!
Our cute guy goes crazy when he is talked to!

We cannot wait until November!!!♥


Jacob & Clarissa said...

Katie, yes that does mean that he will sleep during the day and be awake during the night for the first little while after he is born. Want to hear the explanation? Here it is. Standing up restricts the baby's movement and the motion of you walking essentially rocks him to sleep. Then you lay down and all is still and he has tons of space to wiggle!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That makes so much sense! I can definitely tell that he sleeps pretty much all day. Thank you so much for that explanation!

:Brew Crew: said...

Your such a cute pregnant lady!! I cant believe your almost done! Time has flown by!

the cattelain family said...

You look great! This is exciting...but I'm way too young to be a great aunt! :) Can't wait to see this little guy-and he'll only sleep during the day if you let him! I'll send you a book that helped us with baby schedules!