Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Graduate♥

Last night was quite the event!
Austin and I had the privilege of going to with my entire family to see our cute little sister graduate!
The graduation was at ASU's Wells Fargo Arena; and there were a ton of people!

Let me begin by bragging about my little sister for a minute...
Kelly has always been so outgoing. She has always had a gift for bringing the wild side out of people! =]
She is a friend to all and knows how to make everyone feel special.
Desert Ridge High School picks a speaker each year to give the final speech at graduation. This individual is well-known throughout the school as being spirited, caring, outgoing, service-oriented, and prideful for Desert Ridge.
This year, that speaker chosen was our very own Kelly Wray!

[She did AMAZING! The crowd cheered her on and she definitely kept their attention!]

[Look how natural she is up there!]

We had a blast cheering her on the whole time. She was the last to receive her diploma and as she did, she danced all across the stage! I couldn't get a good picture of that one.

It was amazing having my entire family there!

The graduate!

[She is so loved.]

Kelly and two of her best friends!

The night was just wonderful! We are so proud of Kelly and cannot wait to see how much she will accomplish in the future.


iheartmesa said...

My sister talked at her graduation (this was 11 years ago though). I about passed out from being so nervous for her. She did fine, but I was white as a ghost. It's so fun having sisters - even if we worry about them.

Congrats on the pregnancy. Enjoy your growing family. (And take as many of those couple pictures while you are pregnant as you can. Somehow I have very few pictures of my husband and I together during my pregnancies. Dads need to be documented through the fun process too.)


I was really excited to see Kelly talk at the graduation, she did great! And you are so cute! You don't even look preggo at all! I'm excited to find out if you're having a boy or girl!