Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Much Needed Update :]

I have been a bad blogger.
[Everyone always says that, don't they?!]
But now that I have more time during the summer, I will be able to keep this blog updated on all the excitement that goes on in our lives!

So much has changed. It is crazy!

For Austin:
He switched is major. 
The plan was to take the PCAT for pharmacy this summer. 
Well... due to much thought and prayers, he is now going to major in computer science and business with a minor in Japanese.
Big change, huh?!
This means we will now stay here in Arizona to attend ASU. 
No more moving out of state for pharmacy school! 
This also means less time in school for my hard-working husband!

For me:
Unfortunately my work went out of business recently and I am currently unemployed.
We will see how everything goes. 
As of now, I am starting a new job in July! It is one that I can do until I have our little one!
Speaking of our little cutie-pie, I will be having my next ultrasound a week from this Friday!!!
That is when we will find out the gender, so be sure to check for a post!

Both of us:
We are both currently attending school full-time this summer and are almost done with the first session!
We also have a couple of trips coming up soon, which include relaxation without homework!!!

Austin and I are really enjoying a much-needed lighter load of school and work. 
We are trying to take as much of it in as we can!

Yay for an update! More to come soon!

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Ashlee G. said...

Sorry that you don't have a job but wonderful for Austin! We are so happy that you will not be moving. I am so excited to hear what you are having!! Can't wait for baby Rowley!