Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Night Away With My Man!

Since it was Father's Day weekend, I surprised Austin with a night in Sedona!
He loves Sedona.

It began when Austin was at work on Friday and I was begging him to try and get off early.
[This is a usual occurrence, so he didn't think anything of it.]
To my liking, he was actually able to leave at 3:00 pm.
When he came home, the bags and cooler were all packed and waiting for him at the front door.
He was completely surprised!

I told him to get in the car because we were taking a trip!
Of course he wanted to know where, so when we were on the freeway I finally told him the secret.

He was ecstatic!!!

We arrived in Sedona a few hours later and as always, its beauty amazed us!

A few weeks prior, I reserved a night at The Ridge on Sedona Golf Resort.
It sure was gorgeous!
The rooms were more like condos that overlooked a beautiful golf course.

This was where we stayed!

And this was our amazing room[s]! We got so lucky!

Since this trip was especially for Austin, I let him choose all of our activities!
So after relaxing in the room for a bit, we headed out for dinner.

Austin picked a yummy place that he had been before called the Javelina Cantina.
The food sure was delicious!

After dinner we walked around Uptown Sedona for a little bit.
Then we decided to call it a night and headed back to the hotel early!

The next morning, Austin woke up to this:

Again, Austin got to pick all the day's activities!
Let's just say we had an eventful day eating out, walking around, watching movies, driving around, and just being together!

Some other fun things we saw!
-A yummy fudge shop.
-Mormon Hill!
-A green McDonald's sign.
-Awesome towels at the hotel.
-Fun 'Red Dirt' shirts.
-A beautiful club house for the golf course we were staying at! [My dad would love that place!]
-And much, much more!

We had the most amazing time ever!
A trip back to Sedona will hopefully be in the works again real soon!


Ashlee G. said...

So much fun!!! Happy Father's Day to Austin! I love Sedona, we were just saying yesterday how we can't wait to go back! I'm glad you had such a great time. You look so beautiful!

The Hunters said...

You and Austin are so cute. I'm glad things are going well for you guys :)and I'm so excited for you to find out what you're having :)


You're so creative! I better make sure my husband doesn't see this post or I'll have to try to be creative too!! I'm so excited to hear about your baby in a couple of days!!!

Ashlee G. said...

why does Austin call you stinky tuna?

Anonymous said...

Haha! Stinky Tuna has been a name he has called me since like our second date! He used to eat tuna allll the time, and I used to always call him stinky after work in the morning and he would just say, no you are stinky! So there came Stinky Tuna!