Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birthday Surprises

Last weekend was my 20th birthday... and little did I know, my sweet fiancé was planning a super special birthday week for me!

He secretly dropped goodies off at my work!

He told me we were going somewhere... and we ended up at the Arizona State Fair!!!

He took me to the Lady Antebellum Concert! I didn’t even know who it was until they came out on stage [yes, he is that good].

We went out to eat at all of my favorite restaurants!

He took me to a huge corn maze, [we got lost!] and to a cute pumpkin patch!

Thank you, Sweetheart, for making this the best birthday I have ever had! It was perfect!


Corinne said...

You guys are too cute!!!! Love you!!! Mom and Dad

Steven and Emily said...

Hey cute girl! I just found your blog when I was blog stalking Abby... I am so happy for you kids! Being married is ah- mazing. (trust me, I am a pro.) I just love that I have known both of you for most of my life and you are getting married to each other! You will LOVE being married! :)

The Cattelain Family said...

What a great birthday! He sure knows how to spoil you! I love your wedding announcement - it is adorable! Happy Birthday(a little late...)!