Thursday, January 28, 2010


So first off, I want to address all of you who are having a hard time with certain aspects of this blog. I know I am. First of all, sometimes my entries disappear. Second, I will save and post a beautiful entry and the next time I log in, it is all out of order. Third, people have been telling me that they cannot "follow" this blog. Well, I finally got the first two problems figured out... and now for the second one. Does anyone have any ideas?!

Also, the reason for the small amount of entries is because my computer, as well as Austin's computer, will not let us download pictures off of our camera! This is definitely a shame. It will all be figured out soon though... hopefully.

Well on a happier note, here is a single picture we were able to get! We are dressed in our 50s attire for our brother in-law's murder mystery dinner birthday! The scene was set at a cute diner in the 50s. Enjoy!


The Cattelain Family said...

You guys look great!


Super cute! You guys are awesome! I hope you figure out what's going on with the blog stuff. Wish I knew how to help. :)