Sunday, February 21, 2010

Billing's Wedding

In January, Austin's sister was sealed in the Mesa, Arizona Temple to Greg Billings! It was such a beautiful day for them. Austin and I are so happy for this cute couple and were very grateful to be able to attend their sealing. They are so good together and are so in love
Also, I know this post is a little late... but it took me some time to actually transfer the photos from my camera to my computer. Any-who, here are some pictures taken on that special day!

*Be advised, there are quite an ample amount of photos.*

Introducing... Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Billings

So cute.

Austin and I waiting after the sealing...

Bridesmaid with Austin's sisters.

Picture time. These are all of the siblings.

The boys. I just think Austin is so handsome!

These are all the newly-married couples.

♥We love to see the Temple.

There was a delicious dinner the night before!

This is baby Owen. He loved the camera!

Natalie {the bride}.

Austin and I before the reception started.

The whole day was so wonderful!

We wish Natalee and Greg the best in all things! We cannot wait to have couple dates!

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G-Unit said...

Kaitie, you are just so dang pretty! I love your pictures that you are posting :-)

Miss you!