Monday, June 6, 2011

Pool Day

Ryker's first pool experience happened a few weekends ago at a family party.

Austin and I knew he would love the pool.
This is due to the fact that he fusses every time we take him out of the bath.

However, he was unsure about getting in the big bath... at first.
Then, he became super fascinated with the water.
Then, he really enjoyed the water. :)


Ryker has been swimming a few times since; and has grown to love his new, big bath.
But for his first experience, it was still kind of cold, so he spent most of his time on the sideline with the girls.

...While the rest of the boys were busy playing some water basketball.

Ahhhh, what fun Friday evening we had.
We look forward to having many more pool parties during the rest of the summer!

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Heather Toone said...

Kaitie can I just say I am LOVING the updates! I'm glad you are posting again, I was having Kaitie with-drawls ;) You look great, and the wedding looked like so much fun! I hope all is going well!