Friday, April 8, 2011


Today, our little guy is five months old!
Can you believe how fast time has gone???
But then again, it feels as though Ryker has been in our lives forever.
We love him so much!

<> He loves his toys. He is finally at that age where he can entertain himself.
<> He is always chewing on his foot... just his right one.
<> His laugh always makes everyone around him stop and stare at his cute, little face.
<> He never, ever sits still. We love that!
<> He is continually in the 110% for his length. We love our basketball/volleyball/football man!
<> He is always hungry.
<> He has started and has successfully eaten: rice cereal, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, and corn.
<> He only does short, power naps. This is because he always wants to know what's going on. He never misses a beat.
<> He still has Momma's blonde hair and blue eyes.
<> He babbles constantly.
<> His acid reflux is still pretty bad. He spits up at least three times after each feeding. Sometimes it goes up to eight.
<> He loves acting like a big boy. Sippy cups, filled with water, are his new favorite!
<> He loves everyone.
<> No matter what sort of pain he is in, he is always smiling.
<> He is the happiest baby around.
<> He loves, loves, loves when we read him books! This is the only time we can get him to sit still!
<> He loves when we brush his teeth.
<> Rolling around is his new favorite thing. He love always ends up on his tummy; even though he hates being in that position.
<> He loves going on walks with Mommy!
<> He is slobbering like there is no tomorrow. Teething gel is Mommy and Daddy's new best friend.
<> He likes to be held... all the time.

So, there we have it!
There are so many other 'Ryker Traits...' We could go on and on!!

Anyways, Happy Five Months Baby Boy!
We love you!

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The Hunters said...

He is so cute. I can't believe how big he is :)