Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Per Requests...

It has been a very busy month. -That is my excuse for not journaling/blogging.
Instead of giving you a single post full of excuses, I will give you multiple posts full of excuses.
For today, I will begin with the first 'busy' excuse.


As many of you may know, Ryker carries with him some allergy problems.
These problems have caused him to be on this special formula.
We all thought that this formula would do the trick and would solve his horrible allergy reactions.
The supposed, 'miracle worker,' did improve some of his painful issues; except for one.
His body rashes.

When our poor baby hit this point [above], his pediatrician recommended him to an allergy specialist.
At the appointment with the specialist, Ryker was given some tests in order to see what he is allergic to.

[Playing with toys while waiting for the tests to work their magic.]

 [Of course he had to leave a little present on the bed for the doctor... spit up.]

[The big red spot means he had an allergic reaction.]

[He was not happy that Mommy made him get poked more than a dozen times.]

So, you may now be wondering what Ryker's clinically diagnosed allergy is.
And the answer... egg whites.
Yes, egg whites. That is all.
The best part is that he will grow out of his this allergy. Phew.
We are so very grateful that all of the tests came back negative for peanut oil, wheat, meat, etc.

Hmmm... now you may be wondering why our baby boy has rashes if he is only allergic to egg whites.
I mean, it is not like we are giving him an egg every day!
The truth is that Ryker's skin is just very immature.
The best way to explain it is that his skin was just not fully developed at birth; causing him to be super sensitive.
Luckily, he should grow out of this sensitivity too.

The doctor did give us some amazing solutions, though.

This cream is amazing.
They make soap, lotion, sunscreen, you name it!
Of course, it is a bit on the pricey end... but we are willing to do anything to get rid of our baby's itchy rashes.

In addition, to get rid of his itchy scalp, we now use:

Again, it is higher priced, but this shampoo really works.
In less than a day, Ryker's head was itch free!

We absolutely love these two products and would recommend them to anyone who has children that suffer from the same symptoms our sweet baby suffered from.
Ryker is now completely rash free and is loving every minute of it [because we know, right??].

Well, there you go readers!
We hope that you all enjoyed our much-needed update.
Because we know we did.


Heather Toone said...

Oh kaitie I'm so sorry about the allergies and rashes! And I know you are also very busy with housing situations and more. I just love and miss you :)

Sydney said...

Oh poor kid! He is precious and those rashes look so miserable.

rahhlady said...

We JUST found out that Collin is allergic to Egg whites, wheat, Soy, oats, peanuts, and oranges. He gets rashes like that and he itches them so bad that his whole legs were raw. We just found out the other day and he sees an allergist on the 9th :( We don't even know what to feed him :( I definitely feel your pain.

Greg and Nat said...

I would've thought TGEL would be too strong for a tiny sensitive baby... but hey, if it works, that's great!
Egg whites... interesting. how though? egg white fumes???? hmmm