Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beautiful Life♥

So... I am just so amazed that my sweet husband got onto blogger and posted his very first post! It is the cutest thing and I love him so very much for it! Now, I must add that he is correct about how exhausted I am feeling all the time. That is not the only thing I am feeling! As I am sure most of you already know, there comes a lot of bonuses to a pregnancy!

1. Like Austin mentioned, I am always tired. He works very early in the morning, so we try to go to bed at a decent hour. This means that I get at least ten hours of sleep every night... and I am still exhausted during the day!
2. I am hungry continuously. There is never a moment when my stomach is not growling! I go to work and school each day fully prepared with my snacks. If I do not eat something at least every hour, I start getting shaky and weak. This is definitely not a good feeling!
3. I learned that I should be drinking about a gallon a day! I love water, so I never thought anything of it. Then I learned that this can be quite hard; especially since your bladder cannot even hold a little amount when you are pregnant :] Let's just say that I need to use the restroom about every half an hour!
4. I have been fortunate enough to have not had very bad morning sickness. I do feel nauseated very often, but it can sometimes be fixed with food or more sleep!
5. Lastly, and the most amazing and beautiful bonus that has come along so far with pregnancy, is knowing that I have a son/daughter of Heavenly Father growing peacefully inside of me. I have been given this opportunity to take care of this wonderful baby and I am going to try my hardest to do the best that I can! I feel so blessed every single second of the day knowing that all I am feeling is completely and 100% worth it. None of my feelings matter know. It is all about what is best for our sweet baby!

I love being pregnant! It is the greatest feeling! Austin and I went to my very first appointment with my doctor today. It was amazing! We got plenty of baby books from him and are ready to start reading! We also made an appointment for my very first real ultrasound at ten weeks! We LOVE all of this excitement, and could not be any more happy!


Ashlee G. said...

Oh Kaitie, I'm so happy that you are enjoying this experience. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing that some people take for granted. Some of us and our bodies just wont let us experience that wonderful joy so I am so glad to hear that you are loving every minute of it. Enjoy it extra for me :-) Congratulations again! We love you guys! and miss you too!

rahhlady said...

I am so glad you are enjoying being pregnant. I had a rough pregnancy but even so I miss it. ENJOY your sleep! Soon you will be begging that sweet little one to sleep 4 hours in a row in the middle of the night so you can get more than 2 hours at a time.

That being said, it is COMPLETELY worth it. My son is everything to me! I can't wait until we get to have another one :) Also, labor is the most incredible experience. I was scared of it for my whole life, but I ENJOYED it. Giving birth is one of the most empowering things you will ever do!

Make sure to read What to expect when you're expecting... such a cliche book, but its a great tool!