Thursday, March 11, 2010

We Jumped on the Bandwagon!

We did it.
Austin and I are officially members of Fitness Works

I have gone once already... And let me tell you, the soreness came soon after! 
The classes are fun, but very difficult [at least for a beginner like me].
We are so excited to start getting into good shape; especially before the summer comes!

Austin's family has been going to Fitness Works for a while now, and they love it.

One thought that truly motivates me is that most of my family has joined also.
So, now it has become one big family affair!

My sweet husband, Austin, now has a membership.
My wonderful Mom now has a membership.
My older sister, Kristel, has a membership.
My younger sister, Kelly, now has a membership.
My sister-in-law, Kristell, has a membership.

This gym seems like the place to be, so if you go there too, maybe we'll see you around sometime!♥

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