Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Life as of Lately...

Austin and I are about a little more than halfway done with this semester.
We are chugging right along with school, work, and homework.
Our challenge is finding time for just each other!
[But, we are somehow managing it.]♥

My Baby is always working so very hard.

This is what happened when he found out I was taking pictures.

In addition to all of the busy fun we've been having, we like to try some fun new recipes.
[Super yummy enchiladas found here.]

A little late, but this is what arrived at our door the day before Valentine's Day.
We had the most amazing Valentine's Weekend ever!

And that is all for now.♥

Have a beautiful Sabbath!

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G-Unit said...

Well when things aren't so busy we should all hang out! Let us know when you're free!