Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Rocket Scientist

So I would like to take a few minutes to brag about my amazing dad! Have any of you ever met my dad?? If you have, you would remember him. He is the most patient, cool, good looking, athletic, smart, spiritual, hard-working, caring, cheesy, and protective man I have ever known! He loves his family so much and always puts them first.

If you ever go over to my parent's house on a Saturday, you will find him fixing the car, pulling weeds, cleaning the garage, doing housework, cleaning the pool, and taking care of his family all in one day! At many other times you will find him doing service for our church and magnifying his calling to the best of his ability! He dedicates all that he has to taking care of his family and is always putting them before himself! He leads his family in righteousness, is a wonderful Priesthood leader, and is an amazing example to everyone!

During the working hours, you can find my dad at one of the most amazing jobs of all time.
He is an engineer. Not just an engineer, but an engineer who designs and manages other engineers who design rockets. He is super, super smart and is so humble about what he does. 
Many people call him a rocket scientist, but he always just refers to himself as an engineer. :]

Here is a photo of a recent launch that carried a test vehicle for NASA inside.
It was launched at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.
[How cool is that?!]

Not only do they launch for NASA but they are also a leader in the nation's missile defense system, launch satellites for many industries, complete much exploration systems, work on human spaceflight, etc.

We just love Papa G. so much! He is always there for us and we will forever be grateful to him! I have learned so much from him throughout my life, and will forever continue to take in the never-ending knowledge that he gives. Thank you dad!

We love you!

[Silly pictures. The second one is posed of course!]

[Here is a picture of my handsome dad with my beautiful mom! He calls her his "better half." She definitely is amazing; more than any of you will ever know. Go here and see! They are so perfect for each other. Austin and I look up to their example so much.]

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