Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Fun Little Story...

To begin, my mom's parents live in the beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec. Whenever my family goes to visit them, they bring back a luggage full of goodies that can only be found in Canada. This year, Austin was introduced to the mouthwatering deliciousness of a family favorite called Ketchup Chips.

Now, these are not just your ordinary chips; and my husband is proof of this. After he first had them, he just could not get enough! He basically cleared my parents of the numerous bags that they had brought back. Soon after they were gone, I found Austin searching the internet for this rare chip made by Lays.

To prove that these are the best chips around, try looking up the authentic brand on ebay.
Oh please, please click this link to see how much people are selling them for! You will be shocked!

To my shock, I caught my husband almost buying some online one day!

Through much searching, we found out that Kmart sells a different version of these chips, but only online! I decided to make a trip to the Kmart closest to our house just to be sure. They told me that they do not carry the ketchup chips in store anymore, and that this was the same for all other Kmart's in the valley. Oh darn! So I bought a bag of Ketchup Snack Fries; hoping that they would taste somewhat similar. Later that day, Austin went back to the same Kmart to buy more of the Ketchup Snack Fries [because they were buy one, get one free] and he came home with this:

He found the Kmart Ketchup Fries at the same store that I went to! Only Austin....

He bought every single one they had, and now we have an abundance of Austin's favorite snack.


rahhlady said...

How dang cute!

Ashlee G. said...

$101 for a bag of chips!!! Holy Moly!!

Greg and Nat said...

not one bag... looks like 14!!!!!!!!!!! year supply for sure! haha but maybe not when Austin's around? :)