Monday, July 12, 2010

Ode to Our Apartment!

For the past nine months, Austin and I have been fortunate enough to live in the beautiful 
San Montego Apartment Complex.

Since we will not be here much longer, we decided to finally show our family and friends some pictures of our cozy home!

Our cute living room.

Our spacious kitchen.

The overused dining room [homework]!

Love the hallway.

Lovely little laundry space.

Much-needed hall closet.

Our bright and shiny bathroom.

Our favorite closet of all time.

The simple, yet lovely sleeping area.

We sure have loved living here! It is perfect for a first home!

We will miss you!


Ashlee G. said...

awww I love your apartment. It makes me want to move! Our apartment is so dark and old! I wish we had something nicer, brighter and bigger. One day.. we'll hopefully have our house next year!

Jacob & Clarissa said...

Why are you guys moving? Where are you moving? Now that we're here in Arizona, we need some ideas of places to move into.

Anonymous said...

We are moving in with family. I would really recommend the apartment complex where we stayed (on Superstition Springs and Power-across from Krispy Kreme), if you are looking for an apartment! It is just a little too pricey for us young-ins! But it is the perfect place to live with a WONDERFUL ward!

Greg and Nat said...

I've finally been to your house... lol!