Monday, July 5, 2010

Second Annual Prescott Trip

Austin and I had the best weekend!
We went up to Prescott to enjoy all of their festivities that come with the Fourth of July.
This was our second year attending!
Last year we were only dating, so it was very fun being able to go up as a married couple this year!

The main activities included:

Shopping and walking around the town fair.

Going to the World's Oldest Rodeo.

Attending church.

Visiting the beautiful landscape.

And of course... eating. :]

We had a great time being with family, getting away from the heat, and taking a quick break from school!
It is just amazing to me how much Austin and I have changed and grown since we went last year!

It definitely was a weekend to remember!
We loved every minute of it!

Thank you mom and dad for such a memorable weekend!


The Gordon's said...

It was so good to see you last night!! Please lets hang out more often our husbands will be busy with school! We can stuff our faces and watch movies that shouldn't make us cry but do because we're raging hormonal pregnant women.


It's amazing! I think out of all of those pictures I only saw ONE where you might have, maybe, possibly looked a little bit pregnant! You're so cute!

Julia said...

I love love love these and you!! You both look so happy! and... the pregnancy glow is really beautiful on you!!

Ashlee G. said...

Kaitie- your beauty makes me sick. :-)

You look stunning in these pictures! Well, you always do- you know what I mean..