Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby Shower!

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful mom and sister who put on the most amazing baby shower for me!
Anyone who came could attest to how much work was put into this special day!
There was plenty of food, games, friends, and fun!

The day was fantastic!
As you can see from the pictures, every detail was perfectly thought-out and planned to-the-t!

Also, I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends who came and supported me!

My family is always there for me!
I am so lucky to have them.

 [My Mom, Kristell, Me, Kristel, and Kelly]

 [My Sister-in-laws: Audrie, Kellie, Jessie, Natalee, and Kristie]

 [My Mother-in-law!]

 [The cute girlies in my family!]

And last, but not least...
The two women who put this whole thing together and who I am so grateful for...

 [My most amazing mom!]

[My beautiful sister, Kristel!]

Thank You!

And thank you to everyone who came to spend the day celebrating our cute baby-to-be!


Ashlee G. said...

I'm so sad that I wasn't there! Stupid car!!

It looks beautiful though, you have such an amazing family!

Kristi said...

Looks like you scored big time too! So fun!!! Can't wait to meet the little man!

K said...

i love that you're wearing slippers. haha!

Anonymous said...

Haha thanks Kels! And Ashlee, I am so sad you weren't able to make it either. Wish you were there!