Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Going on 35...

...and ready to POP.

I may not look like I am about to pop, but I sure do feel like I am going to!
I believe that my tummy is stretched to its max.

Oh it is wonderful!

Our little Ryker is doing so well.
He continues to keep me up all night long with his strong gymnastic skills!
He gets the hiccups every night right before I go to bed.
He absolutely loves to constantly push against a nerve on the right side of my stomach!
He loves when I eat sweets... :]
He enjoys pushing down hard on my bladder; sending me shooting messages that I need to empty it.
He gets so excited when his daddy talks to him and gives him kisses!
He loves when mommy sings to him.
And he may come sooner than expected.

I would not trade any of these sweet experiences for anything.
Every little thing that our boy does makes me so so so happy because I know that he is just getting himself ready to come into this beautiful world!

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K said...

Aw Kaitie I'm so excited! :)