Friday, March 11, 2011

A Day in the Life of Austin

Yesterday was a big day for my husband. He had a coveted job interview for Apple. This job is one that would be very beneficial for his future computer science career, and would create many possibilities within the company of Apple itself. So yes, yesterday was a bid deal.

Austin had told me that his interview was from 11:30am-12:30pm. So, I anxiously awaited a phone call at the latter time. Finally, at 12:31pm, I got my call.

I listened. I cringed. I almost teared up for my poor husband.

This was his day so far:

3:45am - He wakes up.
4:00am - He leaves for work.
8:45am - He comes home, showers, and gets dressed in his nice suit for the interview.
9:00am - He departs for ASU.
9:45am - He arrives at ASU.
10:00am - He has an appointment with his guidance counselor to discuss plans for next fall.
10:30am - He finishes the meeting with his counselor, and feels that he has a significant amount of time to print his resume and some other important documents for his interview. [Earlier that morning, the ink cartridge was out in our printer at home.]
10:31am - He quickly checks his emails and decided to scan over the one from Apple one more time... OH NO. The interview was really scheduled for 10:30am... NOT 11:30am. Already one minute late. But wait, he hasn't printed out his resume yet.
10:35am - He runs to the nearest career center and asks them to place a phone call to the building that was hosting Apple for the day. The employee informs Apple that Austin was on his way.
10:40am - He gets on the elevator in the career center on floor 2. The elevator was supposed to be going down, but just before the doors shut, another student gets in and pushes the buttons for levels 4, 5, and 6... So, UP Austin goes.
10:50am - He finally gets off the elevator and runs to the nearest computer lab.
10:55am - He sits down at a computer and proceeds to log in. The computer is slow, the internet is not working, and it will not take his flash drive.
10:57am - He switches computers and finally prints his documents.
11:00am - He departs from the computer lab and runs halfway across ASU campus to the correct building.
11:10am - He finally arrives; drenched in sweat, suite ruined and all.
11:15am - He begins the interview.

After he told me his horrific story, I was lost for words. I felt so bad for my sweet, sweet husband.

At least the interview went well. He will hear back in 2-3 weeks. Fingers crossed!

To continue on throughout the rest of the day, Austin managed to fall asleep in class due to exhaustion, take a test and sadly guess on half of it [that impossible teacher], and arrive late to his last class where the teacher is a stickler on tardiness and attendance.

What a sad day!

However, my amazing husband still came home with a smile on his face and with so much love to offer Ryker and I. He even watched half an episode of Gilmore Girls with me and helped with dinner! Amazing, huh?

I love how Austin is such a hard worker. He is continually stressed with work and school, but never shows it. Everything is done with a smile on his face and with humor in his words.

Thank you for providing for us, Sweetheart. Loves.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Austin in getting the job!


Heather Toone said...

Wow that is so crazy. Poor Austin, works so hard. He sounds like such a good husband for you Kaitie. And I love seeing how sweet you are to him in return!

Kaitlyn Rowley said...

Aw, thanks Heather!!!

Greg and Nat said...

We're crossing our fingers!!!