Friday, March 4, 2011

In the AM

Ryker woke me up at 5:30am this morning. Of course, my husband has been gone to work already for a few hours, so it is me who has the privilege of sitting awake with him in these wee hours of the morning.

Many of you may think that I am being sarcastic when I say that I have the "privilege," but I am not. These are the times when I really have the opportunity to truly soak in every single second I have with our sweet boy. I do get to spend my entire day with him, but there is just something about the early morning when the world is sleeping, the streets are quiet, and the lights are low. It is special. It is peaceful. It is priceless.

We sit and smile at one another. I tickle him. He giggles. I do peekaboo. He kicks in excitement. It is all very precious. And I love it more than I could ever possibly love something.

These are the moments that I will never get back. Sure, I get this early morning time with him on occasions, but each is special; unique. And when the day comes that I will not have these times anymore, I will be heartbroken. That is why I have to cherish every single second; soak it all in.

Little Ryker has brought so much joy into our lives. Sure, there have been some hard times, but we would not change those for the world. They have brought us so much closer to our little man; and have taught us to appreciate him much more.

We love you, Monkey Boy!

[Pictures from just this morning.]

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