Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Four Months

Four months ago, at 1:42am, Ryker was the newest, purest baby on earth. He could not have come to us more perfectly. As Austin and I were holding him for the first time, he looked into both of our eyes, and we were hooked. The love shared between me, Austin, and Ryker was instantly the most powerful feeling we had ever experienced.

After four short months, this love has grown immensely. We never thought it could be possible, but we have grown more closer and stronger as a family with each passing day. We are very grateful to have Ryker in our lives. He makes us happy.

A lot has been accomplished so far in Ryker's short time with us. Here are some fun traits our little guy blesses us with every day.

  • He is not so light anymore... Especially when you get to carry him around all day! He now weighs _____. [His four month appointment is on Friday. We will post the stats afterwards.]
  • We would have to say that his absolute favorite thing to do right now is stand up. When we help him sit up, by pulling his hands, he automatically straightens his legs and stands. He can do this all day long!
  • Our little man now measures _______ long. The large size of his hands and feet foreshadow a future basketball and volleyball career!
  • His hands are constantly in his mouth. Last Saturday, he even stuck his finger so far in, that he made himself throw up. Poor guy!
  • Teething has definitely come upon him. With this comes three clothes changes a day. The amount of slobber this guy produces, makes him look as though he just got out of the bath fully-clothed!
  • His laugh is the sweetest thing ever! He is finally starting to laugh at funny things instead of just bursting out at random moments... :]
  • Talking is a regular occurrence now. Austin and I have conversations with him all the time. He babbles, we babble back, he babbles, we babble back, etc.
  • He plays with toys now!!! His favorite so far is his ball toy that makes jingling noises.
  • Everything goes in his mouth.
  • When we are holding Ryker and have something in our hands, he has to grab it. We love this.
  • He is the most smiley kid ever. Anything and anyone will put a smile on his face!
  • Along with his smiles comes shyness. When someone makes him laugh or smile, he will cover his face with his hands or turn away. It is precious.
  • Sleeping is still something he needs to work on. Six hours at night is his max.
  • He is not a boy who likes naps. We have to push him to get an hour in for each nap during the day.
  • Everyone who comes in contact with him falls in love.

Happy four months Ryker!

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