Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Making a House a Home

So, many of you have asked about the status update found on our Facebook page a couple of days ago.
Yes, we have found a home that we would absolutely love to purchase.
No, we won't say exactly where it is; for that might spoil the surprise... And might tempt all you home seekers out there to go and check it out.

However, before we put a bid on a home, a few things need to happen first.
One major thing is the decision on how I want to decorate! :]
I know this may sound materialistic, but for any of you who know Austin's Grandpa, you know how he can pretty much build houses all on his own. In fact, he has! Multiple times.
Last Sunday, I was talking to Grandpa about our potential home and he said, "Oh yes, and once you really get inside, you might want to do some... remodeling!"
Don't you just love him?!
I know we do.

So before I even think about that, I am looking at colors, colors, and more colors!
I will have to admit, this website has been my absolute favorite as of late.
I have found that my style is eclectic through this amazing quiz!
And I have fallen in love with the colors gray and white.
I want our home to be bright, fun, happy, and welcoming.

If you are anything like my husband, you are probably thinking that I am crazy for putting my time and effort into decorating plans when we don't even have the home yet...
Yes, I am crazy. Crazy for designs, patterns, and colors.

I am just a little excited!
Because all of this is what makes a house a home.
And your home is where your heart is.
[Cheesy? I think not!]

Disclaimer: I would like to add to this post that my sweet husband absolutely loves listening to me talk about our future decorations, but does not wish to contribute much to the overall look of the house. He continues to state over and over again that the only room that he really wants to be in charge of is his office! And he can have it!


Ben and Natasha said...

I completely agree. Before our furniture arrived, I painted our place. Our apartment in AZ was painted, so I took those swatches since we liked them so much and had Home Depot match the colors so that we could have them in our new home. Ben and I are really big on making sure our place feels like our own especially now that we are in military housing.

Ashlee G. said...

Small world- I didn't know you too knew each other! Crazy-

We're doing the same thing Kaitie. We basically have out entire house decorated in our minds. It's so fun!

Kaitlyn Rowley said...

Yes, planning for a home is so fun! We want to pain everything!

Greg and Nat said...

I love the "grey/white" combo!!!! Oh, just how lovely is it that you'll be getting a home!? :) :) :) You and I will have to be decorating partners, because I just love to decorate too! Greg thinks I'm silly, but knows how good I am~ ha
Remember not to leave Austin completely out of the planning :)