Thursday, September 23, 2010


This is my little brother, Kevin.
Last night we played the game of LIFE.
We had a great time! I love how he always gets so into the game and acts like it is his real LIFE.

This got me thinking. In real LIFE, wouldn't it be nice... get money that easily? buy stock and get a sure $10,000 every time someone spins your number? get little LIFE checks frequently with hundreds of thousands of dollars on them? only have to pay taxes once, if at all?! be able to easily switch salaries with someone else who is making the big bucks? get $15,000 here and there for doing good things in the community?

Of course this would all be nice.
So, like my little brother, I started pretending it was real LIFE too.

And let me tell you, Austin and I ended up with a wonderful LIFE...
but I didn't need the game to tell me that!

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