Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Night!

After the Relief Society Broadcast, my night was spent shopping with my mom and little brother!
It was wonderful!
[Austin was unfortunately doing homework...]

We went to Burlington Coat Factory, Mor, K-Mart, and Target.
And guess what?!
We bought some more baby supplies for the little guy growing in my tummy!

By far the best purchases tonight were:
[Thank you to my mommy!]


Ahhh, we are so happy to have finally found the right bedding!
Austin likes the sports theme so we have looked everywhere for something nice and not too pricey.
And we finally found it. :]


Melanie Lynne said...

that is the cutest bedding ever! i saw you at the RS broadcast with your mom and you are so cute! congrats again on your baby boy!

:Brew Crew: said...

I LOVE your sports bedding!! I've only seen it at Pottery Barn (and its waaaay too overpriced!) but yours is so stinkin' cute!! What a cute nursery for your baby to come home to! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys! Ya, we were soooo lucky to find this bedding! No way were we going to pay hundreds of dollars.