Friday, September 17, 2010

Ready for the Weekend

This week has been a long one.

Especially when the husband is gone from 4:00am-5:30pm+ every single day.
Then he does homework until about 10:00pm.
Then he goes to bed exhausted.
Then he does it all over again by waking up at 4:00am again the next morning.
He sure is a trooper!
And the best husband in the entire world.

In the mean time he still finds time to give me body massages, cuddles, and love.
Now, don't you believe he is the best??

For me, I nanny from 10:30am-5:30pm.
Then I come home and work on homework.
Then I make some dinner.
Then I work on more homework and clean until my sweet Austin is ready for bed.
Then I am up all night feeling the baby twist and turn. 
And I do love it so much because I can feel him; which makes up for not being able to see him.

We are ready for the weekend.
Bring on the homework, cuddles, sleep, homework, and relaxation time!

Even though we are going nonstop, we sure love our life so much and are grateful for everything we have!
Especially each other.

[Austin is not sad, I promise.]

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