Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This last Monday, Austin and I had the opportunity to go and tour the hospital where I will be delivering.
It is so beautiful inside and out!!!

Since our sister-in-law, Kristell, is 14 weeks pregnant and too will be delivering there, her and Cody came on the tour with us!
My two sisters and my mom came along as well!
It sure was a fun party!

The whole labor and delivery unit is seriously like a resort! 
Everything is brand new, the nurses are amazing, and the rooms are spacious and lovely.

It was so nice to walk through the place where we will be bringing our new baby into this world.
We feel a lot more comforted now.
Also, going there made everything seem so much closer! 
We cannot believe we will be there in a few short weeks!
And we cannot wait.

[So excited!]

[Our unit!]

[Me and my mommy!]

[The girls in the family...Mom, Kelly, Me, Kristel, and Kristell]

[Kristell and Cody... They will be going back again in March!]


Emily Zoe Hale said...

That is where I will be delivering too!!! I am so excited. I LOVE that hospital. It also helps that my mom is a labor and delivery nurse there and knows that ropes! Maybe you will even be lucky enough to get her as your nurse... Who is your Dr.?

rahhlady said...

That is where I had Collin!!

They are AMAZING! I may be changing doctors next time I have a baby, but I will make sure we deliver there still. Who is your doctor? The nurses were all so nice and all of the NICU nurses were so nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi girls! My doctor is Dr. Dowswell. He is partners with Dr. Huish... if you have heard of him! We are so excited to deliver there! And I am glad to hear that you guys love that place too! This is great!

rahhlady said...

Aw, well I am glad you don't have my doctor. A lot of people are having trouble with my office and I am not sure when we get pregnant again that we are going to go back there.

It is SUCH a nice hospital though, it really is. I was there from Sunday Night to Wednesday night when I had Collin and I didn't even mind being there.

Anonymous said...

Who was your doctor? Just for future reference. I am sorry it was so bad!

Kristi said...

That shirt is so cute! And that hospital IS like a resort. Just looking at the pictures makes me want to go back for a few days. I hated leaving. :o) You'll especially love the menu. Room service. Ah. I wish I had THAT now! I'm so excited for you!