Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Best Night's Sleep in 3+ Months

Since Ryker was four weeks old, he has been sleeping for about six hours straight during the night. We have tried to push him longer, but our attempts have failed each time. So last night, we put him to bed at the usual 7:30pm; believing he would just wake up in about six hours. Boy, were we wrong. Ryker ended up sleeping for ten hours! This is a miracle beyond miracles! I kept waking up every few hours to see if he was OK... because really, I was scared that something might have happened to him! Each time I woke up, he was fast asleep and snoring like usual. The last time I woke up was at 5:30am. Ryker was tossing and turning and I just knew that he was about to burst out crying in hunger. Of course he did, but luckily his bottle was ready at just about that time.

We are so proud of our little guy! He is growing so much. We have discussed recently that in just the past few days, it feels like Ryker has become much more of a 'little boy.' We feel that he is just progressing so fast! This scares us; but we are also very delighted at the same time. Along with him growing, he is also crying much less. However, he does have little outbursts of personality when he wants too, though.

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Ashlee G. said...

He is just adorable.