Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Tuesday

So far today I have: woken up, taken a shower, bathed Ryker, fed Ryker twice, cleaned our bedroom, deep cleaned the bathroom, started the laundry, made my husband lunch, and completed a blog post... all by 10:00am. I feel great. Today is going to be a very productive day. I just know it.

But the days have been going by way too quickly over here in our household. I mean, can you believe that it is already February? I feel like time is being taken away from me. Our son is growing too fast in front of our eyes! Can it please stop so we can have more time with him?

Last night, Austin and I just laid on our bed and soaked in some much-needed time together with Ryker; as a whole family. We had a blast with our little goof-ball.

In addition to Mommy chores, my time has been recently spent writing scholarship essays for my husband. Yes, I do write them. Let's just leave it at that. One of the applications was for the Engineering Program at ASU and it required writing a short essay proposing an engineering idea that would improve Arizona's environment, safety, or health. Here is the short essay I wrote... Tell me what you think!


The world of engineering has introduced an array of solutions to the problems existing in Arizona today. From solar panels to water dams, Arizona is home to many distinguished engineering ideas. As I examine the traffic conditions and high number of automobile accidents, I propose an idea to continue improving Arizona’s safety and environment. My plan is to create an automated freeway system using magnets and cameras to guide its course.
My proposal will increase the safety of freeways; causing the accident rate to lower by a substantial amount. Each new car will be equipped with a detection camera that will read and follow a strip centered in the middle of each lane. When the passenger wishes to exit, the car can revert back to manual mode upon entering the off-ramp. This hands-free system will prevent many accidents that occur due to human error. The safety of the freeways will increase, and individuals will be able to feel more at ease while on the road.
In addition to enhancing the safety of the freeways, my proposal will also benefit the environment as well. Upon entering the hands-free highway, the engine will be signaled into rest mode. Once the automobile is cruising along the placed line, it will begin to be pushed down the road by magnetic propulsion. The powerful magnets will be found along the guiding lines and will replace any sort of fuel or electric engine at that time. This will cause lower pollution rates and will save energy as well.
In conclusion, my proposal is designed to improve Arizona’s safety and environment. In order to achieve this goal, my plan is to create a highway system that uses magnetic propulsion and cameras to safely guide automobiles along their course.


I cannot take the credit for the idea though. My Dad gave me the hands-free highway idea, and Kenny gave me the magnetic propulsion idea! Thank you guys!

All-in-all we have been doing great over here. We are just taking our lives one day at a time and enjoying every moment we have!


Meesa said...

I have to tell you that you are such a beautiful person and a great role model for not only your son but for others. If I could describe you in one word it would be brilliant! I love how positive you are, seriously, you motivate me to be more positive. I LOVE reading your blog (I hope that doesn't come off stalkerish), it helps brighten my day! Thanks for being so awesome!

Kaitlyn Rowley said...

Wow, I just read this today! Thank you so much Meesa! This really means so much to me. You are the best!