Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekends and Good News

Last weekend was surprisingly relaxing.

Austin and I went on a date to the delicious Sweet Tomatoes.
We got a gorgeous dinner table from my parents.
I made some pillows.
Sickness came into our home [yes, relaxation still occurred with this].
We had dinner and spent time with Austin's family.
Homework was completed.
We were able to have much-needed family time.

Unfortunately, the only picture that I took this weekend was of the pillows that I made.
I whipped out the old sewing machine, and after a few mental breakdowns, these were the result!
I believe that a pillow is the simplest sewing project possible.
BUT this does not mean that it was easy for me.
Hopefully it is, however, a good start to a becoming a sewing expert! Ha...ha...

I do also have very good news for today.
I have a job interview/orientation thingy on Thursday for a sweet family of three children.
I will be their Nanny, before school and after school, for a few hours a day!
This job really is a blessing.
The kids are ages 18, 12, and 6! I will just be in place to make sure they are completing their responsibilities.
I love it.
AND I can bring my baby.
Does it get any better than that? I don't think so.

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