Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Three Months!

Our baby is getting old! It is amazing to us how fast he has grown. Like we always say, we love spending every moment we have with our little guy; and those little moments are going by too quickly!

Here are some fun little qualities Ryker displays each and every day.
  • He loves wearing his rattle socks. When he has them on, he kicks non-stop. So cute!
  • He is so smiley! There is almost always a smile on his face... even after he spits up.
  • He babbles all day long. Mommy and Ryker are always having great conversations!
  • He will never let us put him down. When we do, he cries. When we pick him up, he stops.
  • He loves loves loves getting his gums brushed! Sometimes it is hard to even get the small toothbrush in his mouth because he is smiling and giggling so much.
  • He still only drinks three to four ounces each feeding. It has been this way since he was born.
  • He loves showers.
  • He still has very blue eyes and very blonde hair.
  • He chews on his hands constantly. We try to give him a chew toy, but he just puts a nasty face on and goes back to his hands.
  • He slobbers non-stop. The bib is his continual friend.
  • He dislikes his car seat very much.
  • He has to look out at everyone and be in the center of the action. He cannot be left alone.

We love you, sweet boy!


Greg and Nat said...

AH! Ryker's wearing the shirt I gave him! :) :) :)

Katelin said...

so..basically..that first picture made my day.. He is soo sweet!!