Friday, February 25, 2011

A Day at the Park

Ryker and I take frequent walks in the neighborhood while Daddy is at school.
A few days ago, we just so happened to take a walk to the park on a beyond beautiful day.
Luckily, I remembered to bring the camera.

[Our walk to the park.]

[Ryker loves being outdoors. So I laid him in the grass and we enjoyed looking at trees and watching the birds together.]

[This was our view from the grass.]

[Ryker is getting good at so many things. Recently, he has been able to actually grab for his toys and play with them!]

[We have so much fun together. Ryker is always such a happy little boy. It does not take much to make him smile!]

[We love him.]

[Ryker is hyper most of the time. This is something that we absolutely love. However, when he wants to, he can kick back and relax also. This was on our walk home.]

Spending time with Ryker is the best thing in the world!
Who knows, may you will have that opportunity some day too. :]

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