Monday, January 31, 2011

Personal Challenge Continued

I guess I should talk about my plan.
One of my New Years Resolutions was to successfully complete P90X.
I did it for about a week-and-a-half... and then stopped.
Before you jump to conclusions about how I broke my resolution, hear me out.
When doing P90X, you really gain muscle.
For me, I would like to lose the extra fat first; and then gain the muscle.
So what do I do now? I run, walk, and focus solemnly on Cardio.

And let me tell you, this has been 'working out' for me.
I am 12 pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight.
And I am also 48 pounds lighter than my last weigh-in before I had Ryker.
I plan on losing about 18 more pounds to be at my ideal weight.
I can do it. I am motivated.
Like I said here, my goal is to feel good again. And I have already been feeling better than ever!

Now, Ryker is a different story.
He is trying to gain weight.
Ryker is a few days shy of three months and is finally fitting into his three month old clothes... length-wise that is.

All of his new clothes are super baggy on him.
He is not real skinny, [look at those legs] but he is not a super chunk either.
So, we have him mainly wearing his smaller clothes.
He can even still fit into his newborn outfits!
Oh, do we love this boy.

Oh yes, I almost forgot!
On Saturday, I went shopping with my mom and sister at Costco and guess who came along and had a jolly good-ol' time?

Ryker slept the whole shopping trip!
The last picture was what I had the privilege of looking at for about an hour.
He was just too precious!

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