Sunday, January 23, 2011


How Ryker's life has changed with his new formula.

  • No more bloody stools.
  • He now has black/green stools that smell like eggs... I am not even joking.
  • Diaper rash is finally gone! Until now, he has had a horrible, continued rash since he was born. Desitin was our bestest friend.
  • Facial rash is history!
  • Not as many sudden, death-hurtling cries.
  • He cries less between feedings now because his sensitive tummy is feeling better.
  • The spitting-up has gone done to a minimum.
  • Eating is becoming more enjoyable.
  • He is finally starting to eat more.
And there we have it! We love his new milk. 
Ryker's tummy is finally able to handle something. Took us long enough to find it!

Look at his beautiful skin now... I never posted a picture of his rash because it was just too sad to see.


Katelin said...

That is soo wonderful to hear!! He is such a handsome little baby! With that grin and those piercing blue eyes..holy cow! :) Such a beautiful family!

Greg and Nat said...

seriously... looking at RYKER pictures just make my day... I giggled and chuckled and hee-hawed!

rahhlady said...

Collin has had a rash for the last 8 months on his face from eczema. The only way to keep it away is to lather cortisone on him constanly. It's so sad to see our babies uncomfortable!

Kaitie said...

Thank you! Wow Sarah, I didn't know he had it that long! Yeah, Ryker's is finally going away now.