Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today, I am doing laundry. I have a huge pile to get through.
My theory is: the longer you wait, the larger the load will be, and the more time you will save... eventually.

Any-who, did I ever tell you that we have three pregnant sisters?
Before you jump to conclusions... no, my 18 year-old sister is not pregnant.

My older sister, Kristel, is pregnant.
Our sister-in-law, Kristell, is pregnant.
Austin's younger sister, Natalee, is pregnant.

Can you believe that? I am so excited to be an aunt. And Austin is so excited to be an uncle.
This means that Ryker will have cousins to play with that are very close in age.
This also means that he won't just have to play with his Mommy all day long and be forced into taking a bunch of pictures...

I do believe that my computer is at its storage max... oops!
That is what happens when you have hundreds of pictures of your son.

Oh, and can you see that white camera on the side of the crib in the first picture??
This thing is amazing.

The video image can be accessed through our iPhone anywhere! 
Of course, we don't leave Ryker home and just watch him from the camera...

But, it can act as a baby monitor if we have to leave the room while he is napping.
AND, Austin can watch the video image while at school!
Isn't that just delightful?

It is the best invention.
We definitely recommend one!

Now, to my point... today is definitely a special day!

Happy Birthday, Kristell!!!

Kristell is:
  • our sister-in-law,
  • such a cute pregnant lady,
  • having a baby in a little over a month,
  • so sweet to everyone,
  • wonderful at making everyone feel loved,
  • the perfect fit into our family,
  • going to be an amazing mom,
  • a great cook,
  • very sturdy in her testimony of the gospel,
  • so beautiful,
  • lovely in every way.
We love you, Kristell, and are so happy that you are a part of our family!


Sydney said...

Kaitie you are such a cute little momma! And you're little guy is so cute too. That camera thing looks awesome, I'll have to remember that.

Greg and Nat said...

that's quite the gadget! i don't think it'd do us any good... we don't have high-tech phones. ;)

Kaitie said...

Haha thank you! And yes, that is a great gadget. Austin won it at the CES technology convention! He answered a question correctly among many business-men!