Friday, January 28, 2011

This Weekend

Weekends are a time to relax get things done.
[However, Sunday is our only day of rest...]
Especially during the school semester, there is no time to just lay around.

For example, today my thoughts are occupied by our planned activities for the weekend:
-Scholarship essays and applications
-Visiting Teaching
-More homework
-Planning for a baby shower
-More homework
-More deep cleaning
-Taking care of a sick baby
-More homework

Yep, no time for a movie night. All of these things need to be done this weekend.
No question about it.

And yes, Ryker has a cold. But alas, he is still a happy boy!

Even though we will be very busy, we are still looking forward to this weekend.
Because it means that we will be together. Finally.


Greg and Nat said...

I hear ya... it doesn't help that I'm sick... (beginning stage at least). WISH we could get our taxes done, but Greg hasn't received his w2 form from the hospital he worked at. home will definitely be finished and halfway done with FAFSA... yet again, need the w2! and our deep cleaning was done a month or so ago... haha WINTER cleaning instead of SPRING cleaning :) and ps... I dread looking for scholarships. i don't have the patience to look at every single one... and to find out you have to write an essay? egad...

Kaitie said...

HAHA I love this Natalee! I am so sorry you are sick. Hopefully that will pass soon! Yes, we are trying to get everything done as soon as possible so we can get money as soon as possible...! Ha!