Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Motherhood and Daily Duties

My heart is full. As I hold my sweet baby boy in my arms, I look into his loving face and think, "He is mine." He is a part of me. I am responsible for him. His dependency is so great that makes me feel tremendously needed. Motherhood is like nothing that I have ever experienced before. To love someone so much, so different, than you have ever loved before, is extremely powerful. Words cannot even begin to express what I feel.

I have already learned a great deal by being a mother. Each and every day brings new experiences that I would have never learned if I hadn't of brought my precious baby into this world. I am looking forward to the many years that I have to spend with Ryker; and the many other little blessings that I will have the opportunity to bring into this life as well.


As I think about my role as a mother today, I will be quite a busy bee getting many things done.
I love lists. Ask my husband. Lists are my absolute favorite; as I make them daily.

So today consists of [in order]:
  • Bathe Ryker
  • Make Austin Lunch
  • Deep clean bedroom [Spring cleaning is upon us.]
  • Play with Ryker
  • Complete two pages of Ryker's baby book
  • Shopping at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Ross to get things ready for Kristell's baby shower
  • Play with Ryker
  • Visiting teaching
  • Make dinner
  • Play with Ryker
Of course, this list does not include my complete 'Ryker duties;' for that is a whole other one.
But I am very excited for today! It shall be a good one.

Here are some pictures to hopefully brighten your day. I know they did mine.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Greg and Nat said...

it's great that you're using the blog to actually write a journal... its just so darn hard to keep it up, especially when full time school and internship is in the daily schedule now. and i don't want to just write a sentence or two meaningless entries... :( you're doing great Kaitie and I enjoy every single Ryker pictures~

Kaitie said...

Aw, thank you Natalee! I just want to remember these special moments! Maybe I will also print it out someday... :)