Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years!

We had a very lovely, low-key time bringing in 2011 [which we absolutely enjoyed].
It was mainly due to the fact that Ryker had not been feeling very well the couple of days prior.
He also had not had a daytime nap in three days and was barely sleeping though his nights.
So, we thought it was best to stay home and let him have some peace and quiet.

But before we put Ryker down for the night, we showed him a couple of fireworks.
We thought he would enjoy them due to the fact that he loves, loves, loves lights...
Boy, we were wrong!
He cried [a very, very loud cry] during the first one, so I took him inside while Austin enjoyed
lighting a few more with my family.

They were beautiful.

And what is New Years without resolutions??
Just to name a few:

  • Successfully complete P90X [which I will post more on later].
  • Learn to cook... My family says that I should go on the show, 'Worst Cooks in America.'
  • Journal more.
  • Keep up on laundry. Ryker alone has more laundry than both Austin and I!
  • Continue to be more patient.
  • Serve more.
  • Make my husband lunch to take to work/school each day.
  • Be more diligent in all areas of my gospel.
  • Get Austin to write down some goals... ;]

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rahhlady said...

You should come over on day and I will teach you a few of the EASIEST, yummiest, most foolproof recipes I know :) We can cook and hang out and have a little double date for dinner :) I think it would be fun!