Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last Resort

Remember this?
Well, that formula is now in the past.
We took Ryker in for another appointment with the doctor late last night.
He is now having bloody stools, major rashes, death-hurtling cries, and is spitting up more than ever.
He will not eat. He will not nap.
So, we are moving to our very last resort [...interesting, because the Nutramigen is usually the last resort...].

This is Neocate. It is the best of the best.
It has to be shipped-in because it cannot be found in stores.

Just something to think about:
4 cans = $139.00
Ryker goes through one can in three days tops. 
When he starts drinking the amount that he is supposed to be drinking, 
he will go through one in about a day-and-a-half...
[Crazy, huh?]

We start today and should see some results in a few days; or weeks...
If nothing good comes from this, he will undergo further testing on his gastrointestinal tract.
But, we sure hope this new formula works for him!
Ryker has gone through so much pain for only being two months old.
We continually pray for his health and wish we could do more to help him.
We would do anything for him!!!
We love you, little guy.


Ben and Natasha said...

This is really tough. My brother had really severe allergies too. We just learned right before Christmas that after 9 years he finally grew out of most of them. I was just wondering, would help if you cut out most allergy items from your diet? Would you be able to breast feed if you did that instead of buy the formula?

Anyway, good luck. I will keep your family in my prayers.

Kaitie said...

Ya, I heard some grow out of them at about 9 or 10! Well, I did stop nursing about a month ago so I would not be able to go back to it even if I wanted to. :( I don't know the answer to that though! It is interesting! Maybe for my next child, if he/she has allergies too?! The reason I stopped nursing was because of colic and acid reflux. Since the formula helped with those areas, I was able to give him less medicine! I just hate giving an infant tones of medicine

Thank you so much for your prayers!! We appreciate it so much! :)

rahhlady said...

Oh my gosh! How big are the cans?!

Kaitie said...

They are the normal 14 oz cans...