Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Poor Baby

Yesterday, Austin and I took Ryker to Cardon Children's Hospital.
He was being tested for Pyloric Stenosis.
Ryker has been having major projectile vomiting at every meal. He does not only spit up once during a feeding, [like most babies do] but will spit up about six times.
This is no fun for our little guy.
So we were sent to get an ultrasound on his little tummy see if he displayed this uncommon condition.
Poor Ryker had to fast for three hours prior to the ultrasound. Seeing that he eats every three hours, he was one unhappy boy when it came time to have the procedure done.
In addition, he was given some nasty clear liquid to drink during the ultrasound. This allowed the doctor to see his little tummy work in action.
Because he was so hungry, he drank about an ounce and then would not drink anymore.
To our surprise, he became a happy boy once more... on an empty tummy!
Our little guy knows no pain!

Daddy walking around the waiting room trying to calm Ryker down. The hunger got to our poor guy.

 This is what Ryker looked like in Daddy's arms. He is always so content there.

As you can see, due to the blurriness of this picture, Ryker was kicking like a mad-man during the ultrasound! 

 His drink...yumm! 

He became a happy boy once he knew he didn't have to drink that yucky stuff anymore!

Mommy and Ryker.

Just look at Ryker loving his Daddy! Austin is so great with our son!

So to ease on all of your suspense, Ryker does not have Pyloric Stenosis.
His blood tests and ultrasound all came back negative; meaning no surgery for him!
We could not be more excited!!!
When I spoke to Ryker's pediatrician afterwards, he told me that Ryker is just a boy who
likes to spit...Yay. :]


rahhlady said...

Collin was like that too. i had to take him to the doctor at 2 1/2 weeks old because he was spitting up so much and was actually choking on his own spitup! It would come out his nose and mouth and one time he turned blue because he couldn't breathe. He has FINALLY grown out of it but we had to put rice cereal in his bottles up until pretty recently and even then he would spit up about 20 times a day, no exageration. No one really knows how hard it is until they go through it. if you need anything let me know!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea you went through that! I am so sorry. Thank you so much!