Monday, December 27, 2010

Seven Weeks!

Seven weeks and going strong!

...Even though he doesn't look like he is going strong here... So cute!

Ryker is doing so well.
<> He now weighs almost 12 pounds.
<> He can sit all by himself comfortably in his Bumbo.
<> He smiles so much. Most of the time it happens when we talk baby-talk to him.
<> He cries for his Mommy [at least that is what I believe].
<> He still has blue eyes and blonde hair.
<> He continues to enjoy bath time. It is especially cute when he kicks his legs in excitement.
<> He still pees on his Mommy during diaper changes.
<> He is starting to love staying up all day. You're right, no housework gets done.
<> He steals every single person's heart that comes in contact with him. He is just that amazing.

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