Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Personal Challenge.

The personal fitness side of a pregnancy can really modivate a woman to get into shape. Of course, some women are able to stay fit during their pregnancy; but to my misfortune, I was not one of them. I am not just talking about pounds here, even though it is a large contributor, but am talking about the ability to feel physically healthy. I definitely did not feel healthy when I would: lose my breath when walking up the stairs, need help standing up after sitting on the floor, need help getting out of bed, etc. There are so many other circumstances that I can think of, but we don't want this post to take all day long to read! Anyways, I do realize that there is a very large and heavy tummy attached to the front of you; but to me, it does not make a difference. You still feel like your physical health is suffering. By the end of my pregnancy, I was ready to feel physically fit again.

So, what will I do to feel physically healthy once more? The solution comes from P90X.

Again, I am not just exercising to lose the pounds, however it is a nice bonus, I am doing this program to feel good again. And I haven't felt the way I want to since my high school years when I was doing cheer. This involved running, lifting, and lots of exercising. During these years, I just felt healthy. I was able to go hike up any mountain I pleased [to a certain extent], play tennis for hours on end, and run around the golf course in my neighborhood with my good friends. If I tried any of these activities now, I would be done after twenty minutes. Yes, I hate to think of this.

So, endurance and strength is what I hope to accomplish through this program. My first day was yesterday, exactly one month after giving birth, and I practically died in the first twenty minutes. I couldn't even do half of the exercises that the men and women on the video were doing... My goal? To be able to do every single exercise well by the end of the 90 days. I have confidence that I can make it.

I cannot wait to feel great again. In order to keep myself motivated, I will post my weekly progress report on the blog. That way, I know I need to do it. :]

Wish me luck.


Ashlee G. said...

good luck!

Jessica said...

Good luck Kaitie! I have heard P90X is KILLER! Go kick some butt girl! ha ha. :)