Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Items of Business

I have a few items of business that I would like to discuss with you all.
  • We have four coupons that each contain $5.00 off of any Similac Formula. If you want one, let me know. We do not use Similac anymore and the coupons expire 12/31/10.
  • We have a brand new small can of Newborn Premium Enfamil. We would hate to throw it away, so let me know if you would like it! Seriously. It has never been opened.
  • Does anyone know of any nice apartments that are fairly priced? It seems like all good, clean, apartments are ridiculously expensive these days. We would love any advice.
  • Are there any of you readers going into dental hygiene at any Maricopa Community Colleges?? I have the chemistry book for CHM 138 and I am trying to sell it. I cannot sell it online because it cannot be found online. It is a Rio Salado only book and is only sold there... for a large amount of money. Let me know if you would like it. Mine's cheaper. :]
I believe that is all for now. Thank you!

I just had to add a picture of our little guy. As you can tell, he absolutely
loathes his Bumbo. It scares him more than anything.
But at least it is helping him develop his cute little neck muscles.


Ashlee G. said...

There are apartments for rent over by us that are reasonable priced. And I think they're clean. Our neighborhood is pretty awesome.

The Hunters said...

Hey. We actually have to buy some formula and we use similac. So I would love to use a coupon..or however many you wanted to share ;) that's too funny about the bumbo. Brooklyn hated hers until like a week ago :)

Melanie Lynne said...

aaah. i just commented but it didnt show up, so sorry if you get this twice.
we live on lindsay/mckellips in a place called four peaks estates (they're a bunch of 4 plexes). they look somewhat scary cuz they're older but we've been here over a year and absolutely love it here. our ward is so so so awesome, and there are tons of cute couples moving in all the time. (my brother and his family live here too). we have a 2bd/2bth for 650. 2db/1bth ranges from 550-600.

Sharisa said...

Have you tried the For Rent book? There are tonnnnns of apartments in there, and an index in the back which helps you narrow them down by price, location, and amenities. Also, I've sold a lot of my Rio Salado books on craiglist. I just meet people in the daytime at a QT in case they're creepers. haha

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone! We will take it all into consideration!