Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Sure Do Have a Gorgeous Sister

Last night, my little sister went on a date.
This was not just any date.
They were going to the ASU Institute dance and I was the one who set them up!
So of course, the girls had to get together to help her get ready!

And the result...?



...A beautified Kelly who is ready to dance the night away!

Goodness, I sure do have a gorgeous sister; inside and out.
We had so much fun helping her get ready.
I love me some mother-daughter bonding time!

And her date...

So cute!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Kelly!
She is very beautiful!

The Hunters said...

Ok Kelly is gorgeous and I love who her date is. I"m not sure why it's funny to me...but it is...I'm thinking it's because I know her date and didn't expect to :)

Natasha said...

Seeing her all dressed up is certainly a contrast to the memories I have of her in basketball shorts and ponytails :) She looks very beautiful!

Brian and Ashlee said...

She needs to marry Dallin! Just wait for him to come home from his mission and then we could be family!


K said...

LOL KENNY!!! hahahahah.
i love this.

Greg and Nat said...

is that Kenny Packard? like Jake's bro? haha how cute

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is Jakes bro!